Compton Cowboys: The Book

Compton Cowboys "Peace Ride" for Black Lives Matter. Image: LA Taco.

We here at the Fund for Horses were happy and so proud to see all of the excellent horsemen (and women) riding their horses in the Black Lives Matter protests around the country. A hundred black horse riders showed up to support the Compton Cowboys ‘Peace Ride’ for Black Lives Matter earlier this month. The… Continue reading Compton Cowboys: The Book

USEF moving to control over-use of medications in show horses

Show Jumper. Google image.

Cross-posted from the New Jersey Star-Ledger WRITTEN BY NANCY JAFFER LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- A determined initiative to curtail "permissive and excessive" use of medication in managing competition horses took shape at a productive U.S. Equestrian Federation annual meeting, with plans for a variety of ways to handle the situation. The hottest topic at the convention,… Continue reading USEF moving to control over-use of medications in show horses

Fire survivor and a possible Olympian: A horse named Neville

Cross-posted from the New York Times Written by MARY PILON AIKEN, S.C. — The horses’ straw beds were ablaze, with the rest of the barn, when two men rushed in against the flames and black smoke to try to save the 11 horses inside. “It was horrific,” said Boyd Martin, the trainer. “Basically, you could… Continue reading Fire survivor and a possible Olympian: A horse named Neville

Moctezuma is a winner on or off a horse (NJ)

Cross-posted from The Star Ledger By NANCY JAFFER There have been plenty of show ring honors recently for Jessica Moctezuma, but they pale in comparison to the trophy the Hardwick resident will accept next month for being the U.S. Equestrian Federation's Junior Equestrian of the Year. "This is the most meaningful thing I've ever accomplished,"… Continue reading Moctezuma is a winner on or off a horse (NJ)

Jackie Chan rides to promote Beijing Olympic

Jackie Chan adjusts his hat during the filming of an advertisement to promote the Olympic equestrian event to be held in Hong Kong February 11, 2008. Chan will take a break from movies this year to promote the Beijing Olympics, and hopes the Games will inspire today's cyber-age Chinese kids to lead more active lives.… Continue reading Jackie Chan rides to promote Beijing Olympic

Organizers: No withdrawals from Olympic equestrian events (China)

Agence France-Presse filed this story BEIJING - Beijing Olympic organizers said Tuesday they had received no notification of withdrawals from the Olympic equestrian events scheduled to take place in Hong Kong in August. The Swiss dressage team announced this month that it intended to stay away from the 2008 Games citing fears for the health… Continue reading Organizers: No withdrawals from Olympic equestrian events (China)

London can capitalise on 2012 legacy with courses for horses

Jenny MacArthur of THE TIMES (London) filed the following story, 18 Dec 2007 When Lord Coe, the chairman of the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games, promised to stage “an inspirational Games that captures the imagination of young people and leaves a lasting legacy”, he may not have had an explosion of riding in… Continue reading London can capitalise on 2012 legacy with courses for horses

Mustang competition

'Wild' horses will show off their new manners Judy Fahys of the Salt Lake Tribune filed this report: Hercules was a wild spirit just 100 days ago. So were Joey and Henry, mustangs off the western range that regarded human hands with no less terror than a cougar's claws or a coyote's gaze. Today [Sept.… Continue reading Mustang competition