When your dance partner is a horse

JoAnna Mendl Shaw by Jennifer Ferran (Courtesy of Shaw)

DANCE MAGAZINE By Kristyn Brady | 9 Sep 20 Visually stunning, sensitive and, yes, four-legged, horses make rewarding dance partners, says JoAnna Mendl Shaw, artistic director of The Equus Projects. Her company performs site-specific works that often bring dancers, horses and their riders into shared landscapes, from rural farm fields to urban parks. But her… Continue reading When your dance partner is a horse

The woman who listens to horses (UK)

At least half the people who take their horses to Sara Ussher have reached the stage where they are desperate for help. It may be that they cannot even get on the horse, lead it or get it to go into a box or trailer. It may be a horse that barges or bucks and… Continue reading The woman who listens to horses (UK)