Horse virus corrals the riding circuit

Rodeos, Competitions and Exhibitions Canceled in Western States as Officials Struggle to Contain the Spread of Infection Cross-posted by the Wall Street Journal Written by STEPHANIE SIMON DENVER—Veterinarians and horse owners across the West are struggling to contain a highly contagious and potentially deadly equine virus that has so far infected at least 34 horses… Continue reading Horse virus corrals the riding circuit

Beware as equine virus grows more dangerous (US)

MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- Horse owners, beware. An equine virus is growing more dangerous. The equine herpes virus type 1, or EHV-1, usually causes a respiratory infection. But the virus also takes a different form that strikes a horse's central nervous system, sometimes causing death. Wisconsin agriculture officials say researchers have found the neurologic form… Continue reading Beware as equine virus grows more dangerous (US)