Carriage horse protest NYC; Daily Mail report on Ryder

From the Stopping NYC Horse Abuse Facebook page: As of now, no one knows exactly what is wrong with Ryder, but it is quite clear by his emaciated state and the fact that he collapsed and was unable to get up for over an hour — he is in a life-threatening condition," Edita Birnkrant told… Continue reading Carriage horse protest NYC; Daily Mail report on Ryder

A bra and a horse made of vintage computer keys

THISISCOLOSSAL.COM How about the girl's top. Fun teaser, huh? If you think her computer key bra is cool, check out this fantastic work of art made with around 18,000 vintage computer keys. Vivian just happened to come across it during an internet search and fell in love with it. The article that goes with the… Continue reading A bra and a horse made of vintage computer keys

Brockville’s first lady of horses turns 95

Eve Mainwaring, Canada's First Lady of Horses, in her younger days on horseback.

by CATHERINE ORTH, Special to The Recorder and Times The unique world of St. Alban’s Stables, a Brockville treasure, is passing, and the extraordinary and unique woman who made it so marked a milestone on the weekend. Eve Mainwaring, Brockville’s first lady of horses, celebrated her 95th birthday Saturday, when more than fifty guests swelled… Continue reading Brockville’s first lady of horses turns 95

Black Beauty

Close up of a camera lens. By Premium Beat.

Hey there folks. This is such a great portrait I just had to share. We know all about the ugliness that can go on here. So we need all the beauty we can get in order to survive this world intact. --- Featured Image: Premium Beat by Shutterstock.

Quote of the Day

"In the steady gaze of the horse shines a silent eloquence that speaks of love and loyalty, strength and courage. It is the window that reveals to us how willing is his spirit, how generous his heart." ~ Author Unknown

Beautiful Jim Key

Beautiful Jim Key. The Most Wonderful Horse in the World. And the smartest!

BEAUTIFUL JIM KEY may be the smartest horse ever. Beautiful Jim Key may also be the smartest horse ever you've never heard about. We're here to rectify that. Beautiful Jim Key was a famous performing horse around the turn of the twentieth century. Jim could read and write, make change with money, do arithmetic for… Continue reading Beautiful Jim Key

Field Guide to Horse Fencing

by SISTINE CAPOY AMONG THE MANY investments you will make when rearing horses, fencing will be one of the most prominent ones. Fencing is a major investment, thus it requires careful planning before any form of action is taken. Fencing is crucial to keep horses on the property and unwanted animals off the property. There… Continue reading Field Guide to Horse Fencing

Horses and fireworks

Fireworks and horses often do not go well together. Horses are flight animals, and their reaction to a sudden, loud noise is to startle and run. Add in the fact that fireworks are shot off at night when there doesn't tend to be anyone in the barn or near their enclosure to observe the horses,… Continue reading Horses and fireworks

NTRA will support a law banning horse slaughter

PRESS RELEASE LEXINGTON, Ky. (June 12, 2019) – The National Thoroughbred Racing Association announced today that it will support the passage of the Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act (H.R. 961) that would prevent the horse slaughter industry from reestablishing operations in the United States and prohibit the export of American horses abroad for slaughter.… Continue reading NTRA will support a law banning horse slaughter

Five and 10. Do it again!

We sent a shout out via email about our Fall Matching Gift fundraising campaign. In our shout out we wrote: Anniversary We will be 15 years old on October 23. We love your acknowledging this with your $23.00 donations. They have all been doubled to $64.00. Hooray! Ummm, $23.00 x 2 = $46.00 not $64.00.… Continue reading Five and 10. Do it again!