Words of wisdom for the advocate

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The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it.

— Chinese Proverb

Get out there and do it. Take action for horses. With us. With someone else. They need our voices to give them a voice.

Even if someone says trying to defend horses from abuse and suffering is useless and nothing we do is going to work. Don’t let them interrupt you. Take action for horses uninterrupted!


Horses buck evolutionary ideas

Grey Mustang Stallion by Randy Harris. See randyharrisphoto.com.

ABOUT HORSES — A cautionary tale in evolutionary theory is coming straight from the horse’s mouth. When ancient horses diversified into new species, those bursts of evolution weren’t accompanied by drastic changes to horse teeth, as scientists have long thought.

A new evolutionary tree of horses reveals three periods when several new species emerged, scientists report in the Feb. 10 Science. The researchers found that changes in teeth morphology and body size didn’t change very much during these periods of rapid speciation.

“This knocks traditional notions that rapid diversification of new species comes with morphological diversification as well,” says paleontologist Bruce MacFadden of the University of Florida in Gainesville. “This is a very sophisticated and important paper.” Continue reading at ScienceNews.org »


The Success of Horses Suggests a Key Assumption About Evolution Could Be Wrong, ScienceAlert.com.

Climate Change Responsible for the Great Diversity in Horses, ScienceDaily.com.


Grey Mustang Stallion by Randy Harris. See randyharrisphoto.com.

Famous racehorse to be executed in Saudi Arabia for being homosexual

Updated 8:20 pm.

Cross-posted from World News Daily Report

A famous racehorse with an estimated value of more than 12 million American dollars, is to be euthanized on Friday, after it was allegedly caught in sexual intercourse with another stallion.

The 4-year old horse named Al-Hadiye (the Gift), is the property of the Saudi Prince, Alwaleed bin Talal . It earned more than 6 million USD during the last racing season alone, notably triumphing at the Saudi National Championship Show and the Qatar International Arabian Horse Show.

The stallion was allegedly caught on two separate occasions by employees of the prince’s corral, while it was engaged in sexual intercourse with another male. When this was reported to the authorities, the horse was rapidly taken away and isolated.

Almost a dozen American and European horse owners have also offered to buy the horse in order to prevent its execution, but so far, the kingdom has refused to negotiate. The execution is destined to take place on Friday, November 20.

Read complete article »


P.S. “It” is not going to be executed . . . . Horses Are Not “Its”.


Don’t know if it’s a good idea to use the Daily Mail to counter any story, but this is what they say refuting an almost identical story that circulated last year. There are a few other news sources saying this was a hoax article none of which we have heard of before.

Video: Wild horses return to the grasslands of China

Captive Przewalski horses in the Safari Park at San Diego Zoo. Source imag.
Captive Przewalski horses in the Safari Park at San Diego Zoo. Source image.

by TopDocumentaryFilms.com

On the road to freedom a convoy of exiles begins a long and difficult journey home. Rarer than the endangered panda, Przewalski’s horses are about to return to the wild. They’re headed to the geographic hearth of Asia, west China’s vast dry grasslands.

It’s been a long time since a herd of Przewalski’s horses has run wild there. These horses are descendant from stock taken to Europe in 19th century. Herds have already been reintroduced in neighboring Mongolia but this will be the first Chinese release.

Scientists hope that they’ll adjust to wild grass as soon after their liberation. Still feeding on their mothers’ milk the herd’s young foals have no such worries. They won’t have to fend for themselves until they’re nearly a year old. On a late autumn day a century of life in captivity ends with a simple act of opening a gate. Despite the occasion there’s a cold note of apprehension in the air… freedom comes at a price.

To survive the horses must endure some severe challenges: summer drought, winter cold and predators. Returning there will test the horses’ loyalties as well as their instincts. They must adapt to the conditions and work together for their survival as their ancestor once did.


After many decades, the wild horses of West China return to their ancestral home range. Relentless poaching early last century wiped them out, but a new breeding program has restored 27 Przewalski’s horses.


:: Przewalski’s Horse: 10 Things You Didn’t Know; Mother Nature Network; Jan. 22, 2014