Europol and Spain lead horse meat fraud investigation

FOOD SAFETY NETWORK (FSN) reports: December 2, 2022 EUROPEAN authorities have uncovered a network that sold potentially dangerous horse meat in at least four countries. The operation was coordinated by Europol and the Spanish Civil Guard (Guardia Civil). A video can be seen here. Operation Yucatán targeted the sale of horse meat unsuitable for consumption. The meat… Continue reading Europol and Spain lead horse meat fraud investigation

Criminal group allegedly sold unfit horse meat

Tired, sad horse Barcelona, Spain.

SPAIN | If4H Spanish authorities have busted a suspected organized crime group selling horse meat that could have been unfit for human consumption. The Spanish Civil Guard (Guardia Civil) was supported by Europol. The alleged criminal organization, based in the province of Barcelona, reportedly falsified equine documents and sold horse meat without the mandatory documentation… Continue reading Criminal group allegedly sold unfit horse meat