Is the captive bolt a humane death for horses?

Captive bolt placement demonstrated on a sedated horse's head. This was a demonstration only. The horse was not killed.

Is using a captive bolt to kill a horse just as humane, or perhaps more humane, than say killing a horse with chemicals — or chemical euthanization? This issue is at the forefront yet again because a horse rescue is reportedly killing unadoptable horses with the captive bolt and incinerating their remains (the "horse rescue").… Continue reading Is the captive bolt a humane death for horses?

When Horse Slaughter Comes to Town: Conclusion

Photograph: Denis Doyle/Getty Images.

When horse slaughter comes to town, environmental hazards, economic woes, and the stigma associated with the cruelties inherent to killing horses for their meat, are only a part of the price the community pays. THE horse slaughter industry is an insidious, brutal and predatory business that exists for one reason and one reason only. Horse… Continue reading When Horse Slaughter Comes to Town: Conclusion