Update on Ukraine horses

Finally, some news. Not much . . . but some. Charity Foundation set up HorseTalkNZ reported on 3rd March :— The newly established Belgian-registered Ukrainian Equestrian Federation Charity Foundation, led by the federation’s secretary-general Mykhaylo Parkhomchuk, aims to help horse owners, riding schools, athletes, equestrian clubs, stables and professionals. It will also provide counselling and… Continue reading Update on Ukraine horses

Protect your horse with a Horse I.D. Tag

Horse Fund Horse ID Tag. Zazzle image.

CREATE A HORSE I.D. TAG Luggage tags are a safe, durable, weatherproof way to identify your horse in the case of an emergency or natural disaster. Simply attach it to their halter or head collar. Another good use is when you are traveling with your horses to events and outings. Personalize the tag with the… Continue reading Protect your horse with a Horse I.D. Tag