Golden Horses

The Akhal Tekes, which originate from desert areas around Turkmenistan, are known as the “Golden Horses” and thought to be one of the oldest horse breeds in the world. Their coats have a metallic sheen due to a particular genetic characteristic whereby their hair follicles are hollow, thereby reflecting the light. Their conformation is distinctly… Continue reading Golden Horses

Ex-Racehorse War Buckaroo Is Canadian Olympic hero

Former racehorse War Buckaroo is Canadian Olympic Hero. Alex Livesey / Getty Images.

Cross-posted from The Bleacher Report Written by MELISSA BAUER-HERZOG After a tough few days for the Canadians in eventing, they found a shining star in a dark bay gelding named Exponential. One of the few full-blooded thoroughbreds in the Eventing discipline at the Olympics, Exponential was the only Canadian mount to enter the last phase… Continue reading Ex-Racehorse War Buckaroo Is Canadian Olympic hero

Fire survivor and a possible Olympian: A horse named Neville

Cross-posted from the New York Times Written by MARY PILON AIKEN, S.C. — The horses’ straw beds were ablaze, with the rest of the barn, when two men rushed in against the flames and black smoke to try to save the 11 horses inside. “It was horrific,” said Boyd Martin, the trainer. “Basically, you could… Continue reading Fire survivor and a possible Olympian: A horse named Neville