Animal advocates protest ‘big lick’ Tennessee Walking Horse cruelty

Walking Horse Big Lick. Google image.

WZTV NASHVILLE | by Cindy Murphy | 25th Aug 2022 Animal advocates protest against cruel practice involving chains attached to the horse’s hoof and boots used to give horses an exaggerated gait. Animal Welfare Advocates with the grassroots Citizens Campaign Against “big lick” Animal Cruelty (CCABLAC) have announced that they will peacefully assemble at the… Continue reading Animal advocates protest ‘big lick’ Tennessee Walking Horse cruelty

USDA official slams horse groups hard

Horse Soring

Anyone who advocates for horses for any length of time will come to face with this issue -- whether a supporter of a horse protection organization or active in social media -- and that is a lack of unity, of working together for the good of the horse. It is not something one would expect… Continue reading USDA official slams horse groups hard