Who made these horse hair boots?

We have seen this photo around social media labeled horse hair boots. If you have seen it too and know where it comes from please let us know. We are also looking for someone who works in the fashion industry who knows about textiles to please contact us to answer a few questions. We are… Continue reading Who made these horse hair boots?

Earn money for horses with Clara Hattingdon

Updated! 2:14 a.m. Clara Hattingdon wears a Santa Claus-inspired tie-on hat in rich red. Clara's hat is trimmed in a luxurious band of fluffiness. The bottom of the ties are decorated with some fluffiness too! Clara also wears a rather impressive brilliant gold jingle bell earring to complete this adorable Christmas time look. Proceeds from all… Continue reading Earn money for horses with Clara Hattingdon

Hey Marc Jacobs say whoa to pony hair ball cap

It is well known. Fashion designer Marc Jacobs uses dead animal products in his creations, mostly leather, fur, that sort of thing. Real fur. Until lately, or it seemed. Some say -- under pressure from animal lovers (maybe, not really) -- Jacobs produced a collection for retail outlets stating the fur used was faux. But… Continue reading Hey Marc Jacobs say whoa to pony hair ball cap