Mustangs and Renegades

Unfortunately it seems the BLM have an awfully interesting interpretation of the terms of their remit and have done everything in their power to reduce the numbers of horses in the wild and find as many ways as possible to contravene not only the spirit of the law, but the letter as well," writes Critic,… Continue reading Mustangs and Renegades

Wild horse wipeout

There can be absolutely no doubt that the enemies of America's wild horses, aided and abetted by the federal government, have a clear and alarmingly effective agenda which they have been conducting over many years. Their goal? The great wipe out of America's wild horses. Tragically, it appears to be well within their grasp. Who… Continue reading Wild horse wipeout

Wild horse roundups and sale

24 wild horses die during Bureau of Land Management roundup in Nevada. KLAS News, Ch 8.

24 wild horses die during BLM Nevada roundup. BLM concludes Eagle Complex wild horse gather. BLM to offer wild horses, burros for adoption or sale in Ewing, IL.

Horses linked to Zetas drug cartel go for $8.8 million

Zeta cartel horses seized and sold by Federal Govt. CBS News Photo.

WRITTEN BY DIANNE SOLIS Cross-posted from the Dallas Morning News More than 300 quarter horses seized by federal authorities in a money-laundering case against the Zetas drug cartel fetched $8.8 million in an Oklahoma City auction this past weekend. Authorities say one, A Dash of Sweet Heat, drew a whopping $1 million at the Heritage… Continue reading Horses linked to Zetas drug cartel go for $8.8 million