Ag Department nominee Perdue facing more delays

WASHINGTON, DC — Farm groups are pushing the U.S. Senate to vote on Sonny Perdue’s confirmation as Agriculture secretary this week before senators go on an extended break, but the odds of Perdue getting cleared before the Easter break seem slim. The Senate is expected to spend the entire week grappling with the nomination of federal… Continue reading Ag Department nominee Perdue facing more delays

Mystery of Trump’s nomination of Sonny Perdue as Secretary of Agriculture

MARCH AGAINST HORSE SLAUGHTER — For horses a lot hangs on who is eventually appointed as Secretary of Agriculture. Former George Governor Sonny Perdue was reportedly nominated but confirmation hearings still have not been set. So Perdue remains unconfirmed. Although not a food animal in the US, the person appointed to head up the Agricultural Department will… Continue reading Mystery of Trump’s nomination of Sonny Perdue as Secretary of Agriculture

Fattening up wild horses for slaughter

“BLM’s got those wild horses as fat as butterballs–all paid for with taxpayer dollars,” explained an anonymous source. “That way they always have buyers wanting them by the truckload.” This statement was reported by Protect Mustangs here. For those of you who questioned them, perhaps you understand the strong words I used in this post… Continue reading Fattening up wild horses for slaughter