Final Turn: Sound advice on retiring racehorses

Below are excerpts from an article in Final Turn on by Christine Orman PhD, "Sound Advice" on retiring racehorses from the track so they have a chance at a second career, and life. Dr Orman begins: Simply too many horses come off the racetrack for the last time because of some injury they sustained… Continue reading Final Turn: Sound advice on retiring racehorses

Furious (Running for Their Lives)

by DIANE McCLURE We received this via email, but you can also find it posted on, with comments on Final Turn. Posted 5 Aug 2008 at 11:00 a.m. ---------- Through the HBO documentary “Running for Their Lives” I recently became aware of the pipeline of sending horses from the backstretch to the slaughterhouse. We… Continue reading Furious (Running for Their Lives)