Hobby horsing

We at the Fund for Horses have become slightly obsessed with hobby horsing. When we first heard about it, quite a few years ago now, we thought oh well that's a crazy youth thing they do in Finland and it probably won't take off anywhere else. Wrong! Let's learn more about it. You can do… Continue reading Hobby horsing

Foto Friday: Hobbyhorse Revolution

EQUESTRIAN SPORT — John Wilkinson reporting for the Horse Network writes: "Unlike other equestrian endeavors, this discipline does not require a sizable investment of money and time, and the safety risks are minimal. In fact, it does not even require an actual horse. "Turns out, all you need is a stick…and a dream. Welcome to… Continue reading Foto Friday: Hobbyhorse Revolution

Finland proposes horse manure plan to heat homes

Home heaters: Finland's horses could prove to be very useful by simply doing what comes naturally. — BBC News.

Hey Kentucky. Listen up. BBC News reports: Finland's government wants the country to turn away from fossil fuels and look towards horse manure to heat its homes instead, it's reported. The new coalition's manifesto sets out plans for the large-scale use of horse dung as a renewable source of energy, the national broadcaster Yle reports.… Continue reading Finland proposes horse manure plan to heat homes