Horses and fireworks

Fireworks and horses often do not go well together. Horses are flight animals, and their reaction to a sudden, loud noise is to startle and run. Add in the fact that fireworks are shot off at night when there doesn't tend to be anyone in the barn or near their enclosure to observe the horses,… Continue reading Horses and fireworks

Fireworks frighten champion horses at Knoxville farm

Fireworks and Old Glory

REPORTED BY WBIR.COM » Victoria Gillenwater’s passion is taking care of dozens of champion horses at her scenic view farm property. As she stands next to her multi-titled world champion horse Zander Von Chamelot, she said every Fourth of July, her passion turns into frustration. "I'm tired and I've had enough," she said about an… Continue reading Fireworks frighten champion horses at Knoxville farm