Wild horse wipeout

There can be absolutely no doubt that the enemies of America's wild horses, aided and abetted by the federal government, have a clear and alarmingly effective agenda which they have been conducting over many years. Their goal? The great wipe out of America's wild horses. Tragically, it appears to be well within their grasp. Who… Continue reading Wild horse wipeout

Genetic Report on Pryor Mountain wild horse herd disappointing

Report card reveals diminished variability in world famous herd of wild stallion Cloud THE CLOUD FOUNDATION PRESS RELEASE COLORADO SPRINGS, Co. (Sept. 16, 2013) -- For over thirty years, the genetics of the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Herd have been tracked by foremost equine geneticist, E. Gus Cothran. His first revelations linking the herd to… Continue reading Genetic Report on Pryor Mountain wild horse herd disappointing