The health values of a plant based diet

I don't think we have ever posted specifically on Tuesday's Horse why people should engage in a vegan diet. We clearly state we operate on vegan principles — or aspire to — and publish delectable recipes to encourage people to give it a try. I used plant based diet in the title of this post… Continue reading The health values of a plant based diet

Vegan eats for Super Bowl partying

Sun Dried Tomato Basil Pinwheels by Minimalist Baker.

Here are some wonderful foods to serve up at a Super Bowl party whether it's at your house or theirs! Link to recipe pictured above at the very end of the post. All of these wonderful eats are vegan, absolutely delicious and fun to make. SMOKY LITTLE DEVILS From Forks Over Knives Here's a twist on deviled… Continue reading Vegan eats for Super Bowl partying