f4H Foto Friday

On 26th February following an otherwise uneventful pregnancy and a textbook delivery to full term, Destiny foaled a perfect pair of foals — again!! Read more about these rare foals » Be well, this Friday and every other day. Best wishes to you all. Thank you for being part of our wonderful group.

Foto Friday

Foto Friday artwork for Tuesday's Horse. By Patsy.

Hey it's Patsy. Let's look at something beautiful heading into the weekend. I'll be back later with some vegan foodie stuff. I have been baking feverishly making all kind of pumpkin treats. This picture is from the Twitter account @horsesofweek. I am so in love with it. Later, gators! https://www.instagram.com/p/B2828GYAiBh/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

Foto Friday: Under-Look Horses by revolutionary photographer Andrius Burba

FOTO FRIDAY — First let's look at a few images then learn a bit about them. Revolutionary and spectacular.   ANDRIUS BURBA of Under-Cats tells us the following about his Under-Horse project on his Facebook  page where's there's more. Once I had a crazy idea to take a photo of a horse from underneath, today I have… Continue reading Foto Friday: Under-Look Horses by revolutionary photographer Andrius Burba

Foto Friday

Updated 10:26 am. The King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery participated in a Royal 41-gun salute to mark the start of Queen Elizabeth’s Blue Sapphire Jubilee year at Green Park in central London February 6, 2017. We have one image arriving (below) where all looks well. After the Royal 41-gun salute some of the horses became unruly as they… Continue reading Foto Friday

Friday Foto

Wow, it's been a really long time since we have had a Friday Foto. And this is the first one in 2016. PHOTO SOURCE: Christian Science Monitor's Daily Photos of the Day, February 17, 2016. Visit this link to see more. PHOTO CREDIT: A cat and horse rub noses in Beirut, Lebanon, Wednesday. Mohamed Azakir/Reuters