Flashback: Virtual Vigil for Slaughtered Horses

Do you remember the Virtual Vigil for Slaughtered Horses we had on our original website?

We started it on December 10, 2004, nearly 12 years ago. You can still view it thanks to the Way Back Machine who archive historically relevant sites.

Because it is an archived page from our former site, you can no longer “light” a candle.

What is particularly interesting to me however is that when our former website was archived, they did not archive the images so they are lost. However, the virtual candles remain “lit” and intact.

3,248 people took part in the Virtual Vigil for Slaughtered Horses.

It is touching to scroll through and read the comments and where the people who lit them are from.

One in particular touched my heart. April from Greensboro, NC wrote “God, please lift them up quickly, before the slash.”


Happy Valentine’s Day

Horse with heart shaped blaze.

We all have sweethearts, don’t we?

Really. We do — our beloved horses around the world.

Every one of them are our sweethearts, full of love, ready to give and receive love.

Even those horses who appear shy, or not very sociable, they are sweethearts too. There is a loving heart inside that waits only to be encouraged by the patience, trust and love of someone else.

It may be another horse who befriends them, loving them, caring for them, and giving them hope and understanding.

Perhaps it is a kind human who offers them a loving touch, holds them when they are frightened, or suffering and feeling alone — and that the world is anything but a place where there is love for them.

Someone who lies next to them and comforts them in their final hours, maybe showing them love for the first time in their lives. Even if for a few days, hours, or simply moments — they knew there was some love in the world for them.

For anyone who has been loved by a horse, who have heard those welcoming nickers, you know there is no other feeling like it. You have been accepted into their herd, their family. They see you as one of them, and there is no higher tribute than that from a horse.

We have added a page to our current website that existed on our former website. It is called “Horse Quotes”.

It is very inspirational. There is a lot of love on that page. There are quotes from people who have loved and been loved by horses, or been awed by their beauty, grace, warmth and elegance.

Here is a sample:

    When your horse follows you without being asked,
    when he rubs his head on yours,
    and when you look at him and feel a tingle down your spine…
    you know you are loved
    ~ John Lyons

Go here for more >>

With love to you, our dear followers and fellow horse advocates, on this special day — Have a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Vivian's signature first name only.

Giving thanks for you, our horses and whatever good we did

Horse in center of herd.
Source: ScenicReflections.com

by Marvin Bell

    We need some pines to assuage the darkness
    when it blankets the mind,
    we need a silvery stream that banks as smoothly
    as a plane’s wing, and a worn bed of
    needles to pad the rumble that fills the mind,
    and a blur or two of a wild thing
    that sees and is not seen. We need these things
    between appointments, after work,
    and, if we keep them, then someone someday,
    lying down after a walk
    and supper, with the fire hole wet down,
    the whole night sky set at a particular
    time, without numbers or hours, will cause
    a little sound of thanks–a zipper or a snap–
    to close round the moment and the thought
    of whatever good we did.

Source: Poets.org

We give thanks for you our followers and readers, who care and share and take action, for your love of our horses — those precious and gracious souls — who inspire and move us higher and greater than we may ordinarily go, and for whatever good we did.

From the Staff and Volunteers of the
Int’l Fund for Horses,
And humble Editor of Tuesday’s Horse
— Vivian

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Happy Birthday to me and the Fund

Cakes by Emery. Found this at HorseNation.com.
Cakes by Emery. Found this at HorseNation.com.

It’s my birthday Friday, and the Fund’s birthday Monday.

The Fund is officially 10 years old on that day, and I am, well . . . let’s say several times that.

Like to make a gift? We would be so delighted if you would donate $1 for each of our 10 years – or $10.00. Click here to get it started!

Or, if you like, how about joining us. Become a Member.

Membership is still $24.00 a year. That would make my birthday – and the Fund’s – very happy indeed, to have you with us.

Or how about volunteering?

Warning Premarin Contains Horse Urine billboard.
Warning signs about Premarin are being placed in and around medical centers in the US by the Fund for Horses. Source image.


A colleague from the Fund and I did some awareness raising about Premarin and Prempro in and around the hospitals in downtown Louisville recently. We gave nearly all of our 500 informational postcards out, and we were there only for a few hours.

Please, we must remember these horses.

“Pee farming” has downsized in North America, yes, but Pfizer is still making a killing selling these drugs in NA, carrying on the deadly legacy that began decades ago with Wyeth-Ayerst, endangering the lives of women, killing innocent foals; confining mares to a life of abuse until they can no longer become pregnant and “milked” for their estrogen rich urine, then cast aside.

PMU farming is chiefly done now outside NA in other countries, not known for treating animals particularly well. We may no longer be able to help Premarin mares and foals directly because of the distance between us now, but we can make a difference. We can alert doctors to refuse to prescribe these drugs and women to refuse to take them.

Please volunteer. The job is simple. It calls for a little research and preparing mailings. Done in numbers this campaign has already shown an amazingly significant impact.

Email vivian at horsefund.org with your number and a time to call, and either Candace or I will telephone you to discuss.

If you would like to support PremStoppers financially, please use this link. Donations are used for billboards, printed materials, mailings and postage.

If you love interacting on behalf of horses on Facebook, please let me know. We are trying to put together a special event there in October, and we would like some expert assistance.

Thank you so much for helping.


>> March for PMU Horses

>> Downright cruel says breast cancer sufferer about Prempro, Pfizer; by Vivian Grant Farrell; Tuesday’s Horse, 12 Sept 2103

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