Premarin 2019 Year in Review

Mutli image Premarin artwork for Tuesday's Horse.

JANUARY 2019 FDA denies Pfizer Petition asking for new method of assessing Premarin generics The FDA has denied a citizen petition from Pfizer calling on the agency to use the company’s method for assessing sameness in generics for its estrogen drug Premarin (conjugated “equine” estrogens). Pfizer had appealed to the FDA to force sponsors of… Continue reading Premarin 2019 Year in Review

Daughters of Premarin — The Generics

Mare with twin foals. Google image.

BY JANE ALLIN Further to the reference of generics in the “Alternatives To” report, I think a separate word on the availability of generic Premarin® and its daughter drugs is warranted to clear up any confusion for those seeking to avoid products manufactured from the urine of pregnant mares. Premarin has a long and interesting… Continue reading Daughters of Premarin — The Generics