Stampede to Oblivion: George Knapp I-Team Special (US)

Stampede to Oblivion (Promo) Horses have survived in the wild for millions of years, adapting and overcoming many dangers, but there is one they could not have foreseen and may not survive, the spectre of government protection." George Knapp: I-Team Special: Stampede to Oblivion, Segment 1, CBS Channel 8 Las Vegas URL to Video Story,… Continue reading Stampede to Oblivion: George Knapp I-Team Special (US)

American Herds-Walking with Sunshine (US)

This is just too juicy, and comes from our favoritest equine reporter researcher writer and defender of wild horses and burros. We tempt you with these tantalizing tidbits: By CINDY MacDONALD American Herds WALKING WITH SUNSHINE Recently, veteran journalist George Knapp jotted down a few quick thoughts about BLM’s promotion of Nevada Wild Horse &… Continue reading American Herds-Walking with Sunshine (US)