Silver medal winning Olympic horse seized

Dutch rider Gerco Schroder heads toward an Olympic silver medal aboad London. © 2012 Ken Braddick/

Well, we know that three gold medal winning dressage horses at the 2012 Olympics in London are for sale, reasons unknown except perhaps they have accomplished all they were set out to do.

Now a silver medal winning show jumper named London finds himself in a spot of bother along with some other horses belonging to the same person or corporate entity.

An Examiner article reports:

“LONDON (Aug. 12, 2012) — Sad news out of London today. The 10 year old Belgian stallion named London, ridden by [Dutch rider] Gerco Schroeder in the 2012 Olympics, and which took the silver in both team and individual show jumping has been seized due to bankruptcy proceedings by the owners. The horse, along with other horses owned by the same company was seized shortly after the conclusion of the jumping competition.

“Just before the weekend, the FEI database was changed to show the ownership of the horses has been transferred to Sileste B.V. Earlier this year, London and other horses were sold to Gevi International, B.V., owned by Ger Visser Jr., son of Eurocommerce owner Ger Visser. This leaves the courts attempting to determine if the stables is part of the Eurocommerce real estate bankruptcy proceedings.

“Once the court determines that the equine part of the company is not involved in the bankruptcy of the real estate company, the horse may be sold.

“Sources state that London is currently at the stables of Ben Maher, of the Olympic gold medal team for Great Britain. Rumor has it that Ben Mahar’s sponsor is interested in buying London. London is apparently valued at approximately 10 million euros.”

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That’s about how much the gold medal winning horses are each going for.

Wow, what riches these horses have earned and looks like they will continue to earn. There are not many people in the world I would think whocan afford to pay 10 million in any currency for a single horse.


Hopefully the show jumping fans will not be as excitable as the dressage fans when commenting, that’s if they find their way here. — Ed.