European horse meat fraud lives on

Ground horse meat. Source:

Horse meat fraud is highly lucrative, largely because there is an abundant supply of product. It’s no wonder these cases have been showing up around the globe—both in countries that consume horse meat and those that do not. You may remember the horse meat scandal of 2013, which involved the recall of at least 10… Continue reading European horse meat fraud lives on

Europol and Spain lead horse meat fraud investigation

FOOD SAFETY NETWORK (FSN) reports: December 2, 2022 EUROPEAN authorities have uncovered a network that sold potentially dangerous horse meat in at least four countries. The operation was coordinated by Europol and the Spanish Civil Guard (Guardia Civil). A video can be seen here. Operation Yucatán targeted the sale of horse meat unsuitable for consumption. The meat… Continue reading Europol and Spain lead horse meat fraud investigation

Horse racing must do away with tongue-ties

A horse's mouth is opened wide for the application of a tongue-tie.

Tongue-ties are banned in most non-racing sports by the international governing body of equestrian sports, Federation Equestre Internationale, so you will not see them in events like show-jumping, dressage and eventing. Tongue-ties are used in horse racing around the world in varying degrees, and require no veterinary oversight. A tongue-tie is a large elastic band… Continue reading Horse racing must do away with tongue-ties

Free-roaming horse Jenny cheers up German lockdown town

Y! YAHOO NEWS (May 3, 2020) | FRANKFURT am MAIN (AFP) — Every morning white mare Jenny leaves her stable to stroll through her Frankfurt neighbourhood. Bringing trams to a halt and smiles to people's faces, the free-roaming horse is brightening up the coronavirus lockdown for many. "Everyone else has to live with coronavirus restrictions… Continue reading Free-roaming horse Jenny cheers up German lockdown town

Putting it together: Our Reading List for Summer 2017

SUMMER 2017 — The time of year when we put together our Summer Recommended Reading List is fast approaching. Our list is usually a combination of continuing favorites with a new book or two added into the mix. Along with William Shatner's new book this one is looking really good to us. The Perfect Horse:… Continue reading Putting it together: Our Reading List for Summer 2017

Swiss and German Quarter Horse Associations raise the age for competition

AMT Equestrian Services posted the following to Facebook: Fantastic news for the welfare of horses coming out of Switzerland and Germany yet again! Their respective Quarter Horse associations have resolved to prohibit 3 year old horses from ridden competitions and futurities as of March 2016. Horses must be at least 4 years old before they… Continue reading Swiss and German Quarter Horse Associations raise the age for competition