Horse Charities launches Hattingdon Horses™ on Zazzle

Fund for Horses Charities ("Horse Charities") launches Hattingdon Horses™ on Zazzle. Hattingdon Horses™ is the brainchild of Horse Charities founder, Vivian Grant, who created the hatted cartoon horses to generate funding through merchandising. Hattingdon Horses™ are usually brown (there are a few grays too) with black accents including long, lovely lashes on large, wide eyes.… Continue reading Horse Charities launches Hattingdon Horses™ on Zazzle

Horsey for the Holidays

By CINDY HALE Are you at your wit’s end when it comes to deciding what to give your horsey friends this holiday? Before you collapse with a case of colic, take heart: here are some nifty gifts for your trainer, your riding partners, and even that favorite horse on your list. What’s really great is… Continue reading Horsey for the Holidays