The Horse’s new “Equine Innovators” podcast

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Starting Monday, Feb. 24, 2019 VIA THEHORSE.COM Each day researchers at universities and other institutions around the world are investigating new ways to care for and understand our horses. Whether you realize it or not, the work they do influences your daily interactions with your horses. That formulation you scoop into feed buckets each morning?… Continue reading The Horse’s new “Equine Innovators” podcast

Meatless Monday. Where’s the beef?

Meatless Monday poster.

CROSS-POSTED from Written by DAVID SIROTA (Aug. 4, 2012) -- To understand how utterly broken our society is, how hostile to sacrifice we are and how willfully ignorant we have become, you need only look at the historic drought hammering the heartland — and how our elected officials are responding to that cataclysm. As… Continue reading Meatless Monday. Where’s the beef?

5 Reasons You Should Become a Vegan

Guest post by Amber O'Donnell Today, many people are realizing that what they eat not only has an impact on their bodies, but it can also have an impact on the environment. From eliminating fast food to shopping at farmer's markets, many people are beginning to make certain lifestyle changes that contribute to a more… Continue reading 5 Reasons You Should Become a Vegan