John Hettinger: Where Would All the Horses Go?

When we started The Horse Fund the first and foremost issue we tackled was horse slaughter. One of the recurring arguments against banning horse slaughter especially from people within the horse industry was, where would all the horses go? They are still it asking now. On the home page of our original website we featured… Continue reading John Hettinger: Where Would All the Horses Go?

Girl’s five-mile ride saves horse from blaze


Cross-posted from the Norman Transcript WRITTEN BY CHRIS JONES NORMAN, Okla. (Aug. 11, 2012) -- Gulfwind Wild Finale “Rocky” is a champion, high strung and not easily loaded into a horse trailer. In the midst of wildfires and 113-degree heat, Cortney Townsend made a harrowing five-mile ride to get Rocky away from danger. Cortney began… Continue reading Girl’s five-mile ride saves horse from blaze

Starving and abandoned horse burned in Oklahoma wildfires dies

Starving abandoned horse burned in Oklahoma wildfires. MIKE SIMONS/Tulsa World.

Cross-posted from Tulsa World Written by SUSAN HYLTON OLIVE, Okla. - Efforts to save a starving horse that was left to fend for himself in this week's wildfires were valiant, but the horse didn't live much longer after he was rescued Monday. Belinda Wheeler said she got the horse to a veterinarian, but he collapsed… Continue reading Starving and abandoned horse burned in Oklahoma wildfires dies

Future of McBride horses dug out of snow up in the air (CAN)

By JADED MARE Oh, look. A lawyer leaves his horses for dead in the snow, and nobody wants to prosecute because they are scared because he went to law school and might make a big fuss or something because he didn't break any rules, really. Bleh. What heroes who spent a week during the festive… Continue reading Future of McBride horses dug out of snow up in the air (CAN)

Generosity helps teen keep Mocha (Montana)

So many horse haters come to our attention, it is sometimes easy to forget just how many horse lovers there are. They are in the majority, of course. Let's be thankful -- and helpful -- this week for these horse lovers from Montana, and all the others who come to the aid of horses whenever… Continue reading Generosity helps teen keep Mocha (Montana)

Rescue Me: Regina Salta and Hideaway Horse Center (Md)

By LIZ SKALSKI | Copyright © 2008 Post-Newsweek Media, Inc./Gazette.Net | 15 August 2008 ------------- Brandywine couple rescues abused horses BRANDYWINE, Maryland -- Regina Salta grew up with a passion for horses which has stayed with her in her adult life. This passion has prompted her and husband Joe to rescue horses and give them… Continue reading Rescue Me: Regina Salta and Hideaway Horse Center (Md)

Heroes for Horses: The Hoof Healers

By JOHN TERHUNE for the Journal & Courier, Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana Lynn Greasy whispered into the ear of J. J. Bar Power, a 7-year-old horse, as farrier William Schnepp began to replace the shoes on the horse's two front hooves recently at Indiana Horse Rescue Central West near West Lafayette. The reassuring words along… Continue reading Heroes for Horses: The Hoof Healers