Equine rescues release Alternatives to Horse Slaughter paper

A group of successful equine rescues and sanctuaries have put together a paper providing alternatives to horse slaughter that are easy for the equine industry to embrace. The alternatives are not only highly beneficial to horse welfare but also to the industry. The document is available in its entirety under Resources here on Tuesday's Horse.… Continue reading Equine rescues release Alternatives to Horse Slaughter paper

Castration clinics fight unwanted horse problem

Compounding recent economic woes, horse slaughterhouses have been closed in the United States since 2007, leaving many horse owners without an affordable euthanasia option for their animals. — AMERICAN VETERINARY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION Holding castration clinics is one solution proposed to solve the "unwanted horse" problem. A national program, called Operation Gelding, was announced by the… Continue reading Castration clinics fight unwanted horse problem

Rescues and sanctuaries not the panacea for America’s homeless horses

A survey was conducted of the "unwanted horse" population in the United States, with a studied look at the role rescues and sanctuaries play. In an article by Marie Rosenthal, MS for The Horse, she states there are approximately 100,000 "unwanted horses" ever year and rescues and sanctuaries help about 13,400 of them. Kathryn Holcomb,… Continue reading Rescues and sanctuaries not the panacea for America’s homeless horses