Owner assistance program capable of rescuing 1000s of horses this winter

National Equine Resource Network Press Release By Shirley Puga OWNER ASSISTANCE PROGRAM CAPABLE OF RESCUING THOUSANDS OF HORSES FROM NEGLECT THIS WINTER (October 27, 2011) -- A pilot horse owner assistance program operated last winter by three independent nonprofit equine rescue sanctuaries in the Pacific Northwest had a 100 percent success rate in keeping horses… Continue reading Owner assistance program capable of rescuing 1000s of horses this winter

Encinitas horsewoman busy with equine rescue network

Cross-posted from the North County Times Written by RUTH MARVIN WEBSTER Abby is one lucky horse. A gentle, 17-year old quarter horse raised in a riding school in Oregon, Abby was on her way to a slaughterhouse by way of a feedlot in Nevada three years ago when Encinitas horsewoman Shirley Puga stepped in to… Continue reading Encinitas horsewoman busy with equine rescue network

Rescues and sanctuaries not the panacea for America’s homeless horses

A survey was conducted of the "unwanted horse" population in the United States, with a studied look at the role rescues and sanctuaries play. In an article by Marie Rosenthal, MS for The Horse, she states there are approximately 100,000 "unwanted horses" ever year and rescues and sanctuaries help about 13,400 of them. Kathryn Holcomb,… Continue reading Rescues and sanctuaries not the panacea for America’s homeless horses

Riding for Their Lives: The Tour de TRF

Cross-posted from ESPN Written by BILL FINLEY Mark Cramer likes lost causes, and in America's slaughterhouse-bound, retired racehorses, he has certainly found one. These are the rejects, the horses who are either too slow or too infirm to win a meaningful amount of money on the racetrack or be sent to a cushy life on… Continue reading Riding for Their Lives: The Tour de TRF

Finding a future for horses after racing ends

Cross-posted from the Star-Tribune (Minneapolis-St. Paul) Written by RACHEL BLOUNT Like a proud uncle, Dr. Richard Bowman can recite the latest accomplishments of the equine boarders who spent time on his North Dakota ranch. One is beginning a career in law enforcement. Another won an event at her very first horse show, after only a… Continue reading Finding a future for horses after racing ends

Giving a horse a home and finding a sense of purpose

Excerpts cross-posted from The Rail Blog, New York Times Written by JIM GATH "There was a time when the first thing I did when I got to work every day was to look at the previous day’s revenue figures. At 6:30 in the morning. "Now, the first thing I do every day is walk around… Continue reading Giving a horse a home and finding a sense of purpose

Off to the races again to win a Moneigh (US)

Source: Press Release Contact: Deirdre Panas, deirdrepanas@gmail.com RERUN’S MONEIGH® AUCTION ON EBAY TO BEGIN NOV. 29 Helmetta, NJ - It's time to find that unique holiday gift for yourself, or a horse-loving friend, and make a tax deductible donation to a worthy charity at the same time. ReRun, a 501 (c)(3) Thoroughbred racehorse adoption program,… Continue reading Off to the races again to win a Moneigh (US)

Wild horses under warden’s spell (UK)

Catching wild horses for a living sounds like a pastime more suited to the wild west, but for Lucy Hamblett it is a key part of her job in urban Cardiff. BBC News Ms Hamblett, 29, was taken on as a horse warden by Cardiff council, rounding up wild or stray horses whenever they cause… Continue reading Wild horses under warden’s spell (UK)

Seized horses up for adoption (CAN)

Horses up for adoption Since the BC SPCA recently won custody of five horses seized from a South Surrey farm last spring, one has found a home and the others are now available for adoption. Marcie Moriarty, general manager of cruelty investigations, said a judge gave the SPCA ownership a few weeks ago during a… Continue reading Seized horses up for adoption (CAN)

Have a 50/50 Derby raffle for Re-Run

By CHRISTINE ORMAN on Facebook - Become a Fan As most of you know the Kentucky Derby will be held on the first Saturday in May. Many people hold Derby Day parties that range from high-class affairs to low-class affairs, big and small. In an effort to help ReRun raise needed funds. I ask that… Continue reading Have a 50/50 Derby raffle for Re-Run