Why do horses wear shoes?

And what about wild horses? By Donavyn Coffey, published January 22, 2023• LIVE SCIENCE » Horses have been central to human transportation and agriculture for centuries. These symbols of power and speed require hoof care and new shoes every four to six weeks to stay on the job. But why? Horses (Equus caballus) that are… Continue reading Why do horses wear shoes?

Innovative Tools to Detect Lameness and Pre-existing Injury in Racehorses

Mongolian Groom. Sports Illustrated image.

By JANE ALLIN LAMENESS LOCATOR Lameness is a term used to describe a horse’s change in gait, usually in response to pain in a limb that can occur due to a wide variety of causes (e.g. degenerative joint disease, laminitis, infection). Some conditions are more easily diagnosed and treated than others, which may only cause… Continue reading Innovative Tools to Detect Lameness and Pre-existing Injury in Racehorses

Top 5 Horse Health Hacks for Winter

By JAMES HARRIS Unless you’re a hardcore rider that saddles up even it’s raining sideways, you will take a look out of the window at the torrents of wind, rain, and snow and think about giving your horse a brush rather than a hack out into the unknown – it’s nothing to be ashamed about;… Continue reading Top 5 Horse Health Hacks for Winter