Meet Topaz, Heavenly Horse Haven's adoptable animal of the week

(March 20, 2020) — My Valley News of California writes: Topaz is a mare with a history, and before she landed at Heavenly Horse Haven, her future was quite murky. Topaz. Heavenly Horse Haven. Anza, California, Riverside County. “She came from San Diego Animal Control as part of a cruelty case,” ranch owner Gina Perrin… Continue reading Meet Topaz, Heavenly Horse Haven's adoptable animal of the week

A horse is for life, not just for Christmas

What, is that a horse under that Christmas tree? Google image.

Cross-posted from the British Horse Society The BHS is speaking out against any company that is encouraging people to buy a horse for Christmas. There is a heart-breaking problem in this country – hundreds if not thousands of horses being abandoned in fields and roadsides because their owners or breeders cannot or will not care… Continue reading A horse is for life, not just for Christmas

Seized horses up for adoption (CAN)

Horses up for adoption Since the BC SPCA recently won custody of five horses seized from a South Surrey farm last spring, one has found a home and the others are now available for adoption. Marcie Moriarty, general manager of cruelty investigations, said a judge gave the SPCA ownership a few weeks ago during a… Continue reading Seized horses up for adoption (CAN)

Cold Lake teenager rescues 25 horses (CAN)

Cross-posted from the Cold Lake Sun LAST WINTER BRENNA GARNER began visiting horses in a neighboring field never dreaming that one day she would be their owner. Many of the horses were afraid and trembled when she approached. After asking around Garner discovered the horses were slated for the slaughter house. The horses were purchased… Continue reading Cold Lake teenager rescues 25 horses (CAN)

Rescue Me: Equine Voices and Sanctuary (Arizona)

By VIVIAN GRANT A VOICE CALLS OUT from the wilderness of the Arizona desert. It is a voice of compassion, as strong and gentle as the horses she rescues and gives sanctuary to. It is the voice of Karen Pomroy, founder and president of Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary. EQUINE VOICES RESCUE & SANCTUARY ("Equine… Continue reading Rescue Me: Equine Voices and Sanctuary (Arizona)

Rescue Me: HorseNet Horse Rescue (Md)

By: CHASTITY WEESE Edited by: Felicia Ford Meet Elle Williams, the Executive Director of HorseNet Horse Rescue. Elle’s goal for her horse rescue organization is to provide a safety net for horses and give them a home they can always return to. Elle started her rescue for the precise reason of seeing too many good… Continue reading Rescue Me: HorseNet Horse Rescue (Md)

Fundraiser: Equine Voices (Az)

By KAREN POMROY Come and relax with us at the Amado Territory Inn on Friday October 10th! This year you will be able to taste all the wonderful wines with a Gulliver wine glass, and it's yours to keep! We will have fantastic raffle prizes, door prizes and silent and live auction items! (Check the… Continue reading Fundraiser: Equine Voices (Az)