Photographing the Icelandic horses

Photographer Donal Boyd has a mission to conserve nature through visual advocacy. In this case, his photos of Iceland’s symbol of culture and heritage explore the connection between nature and humanity of his home country through portraiture. In a story published on Adorama, Boyd says that the story of the Icelandic horse is deeply tied to the people… Continue reading Photographing the Icelandic horses

Advocacy tool: Write a letter to the Editor

It is important to rely on digital communication tools to make our voices heard, for ourselves, for our communities, and in our case — for the horses. One such tool is a letter to the editor (LTE)—a brief piece, usually fewer than 300 words, that anyone can write and submit to a newspaper. Such a… Continue reading Advocacy tool: Write a letter to the Editor

We have lift off

Blue sky and white fluffy clouds with red and white balloons.

We have been working since last October moving the Fund for Horses website to WordPress. Please check it out when you have a few minutes, and make sure to mark it so you can visit us there whenever you like. Being hosted by WordPress it is more than just a static site. You can like… Continue reading We have lift off

Back in the blogging saddle again soon

Hello there. It has been a wild and crazy month. We have been so busy since the beginning of the year we have hardly had time to catch our breath let alone blog. We even put Patsy our vegan bloggist on assignment so that's why you haven't heard anything from her. But she's been saving… Continue reading Back in the blogging saddle again soon

Wishing you the very best for 2019

Greetings! We wish you the very best for the new year ahead and so grateful to you for staying with us and taking part. Over the next week we will be posting a year in review on each of the core issues we confront regarding the safety and welfare of horses. As always, we welcome… Continue reading Wishing you the very best for 2019

Honor someone special this Christmas with a gift donation

FUND FOR HORSES CHARITIES Honor someone special this Christmas with a tax deductible gift donation of $25.00 or more to Horse Charities, and we will send them a beautiful Christmas card announcing your gift in their name. Support a program, or give to "where needed". If you wish to support Horse Charities' international media campaign… Continue reading Honor someone special this Christmas with a gift donation

Occupy Obama’s mailbox against horse slaughter

BACKSTORY On November 18, 2011, President Obama signed budget bill H.R. 2112 into law. H.R. 2112 covers funding for the federal government's fiscal year 2012, which runs October 1, 2011 through September 30, 2012. Agriculture Department spending, including the USDA, is part of that bill. Before H.R. 2112 was presented to the President, a small… Continue reading Occupy Obama’s mailbox against horse slaughter

Matching gift campaign hits midway mark

Anne Gumbel is matching every cash donation iFH receives, dollar for dollar, up to $10,000.00. iFH has reached the midway mark toward that figure. Now would be a really great time to become a Member or renew your Membership, even if it isn't up for renewal for a few months yet. In case you are… Continue reading Matching gift campaign hits midway mark

In Memoriam: Caroline Jaffe

Written and submitted by Barbara Beck Caroline Jaffe Horse Warrior January 16, 1942 ~ October 25, 2009 Explaining what Caroline Jaffe meant to us is like explaining why you can’t have powdered water. What would you add? What can you add to somebody who has dedicated her entire life to giving? CJ, or Potlucky, as… Continue reading In Memoriam: Caroline Jaffe

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition: Year in Review 2008 (CAN)

By SINIKKA CROSLAND February 2008 -– The CHDC reports on the sudden growth of horse slaughter in Canada (after closure of the last U.S. plant in 2007). It’s reported that U.S. imports are rising sharply while the number of horses slaughtered in 2007 over 2006 is more than 50% higher, at over 79,000 horses. In… Continue reading Canadian Horse Defence Coalition: Year in Review 2008 (CAN)