A bra and a horse made of vintage computer keys

THISISCOLOSSAL.COM How about the girl's top. Fun teaser, huh? If you think her computer key bra is cool, check out this fantastic work of art made with around 18,000 vintage computer keys. Vivian just happened to come across it during an internet search and fell in love with it. The article that goes with the… Continue reading A bra and a horse made of vintage computer keys

Montana: New Angel Horses unveiled and on display in downtown Billings

"Tally Ho" by Carol Spielman. Angel Horses, Billings MT 2015.

Cross-posted from KTVQ.com BILLINGS - The annual fundraiser for Angel Horses now has a stable of colts ready for auction later this summer. The four horses were unveiled Tuesday before they go to a local gallery. Five artists helped create the beautiful works of art. If you remember last year, Angel Horses displayed four horses… Continue reading Montana: New Angel Horses unveiled and on display in downtown Billings

Horse Charities launches Hattingdon Horses™ on Zazzle

Fund for Horses Charities ("Horse Charities") launches Hattingdon Horses™ on Zazzle. Hattingdon Horses™ is the brainchild of Horse Charities founder, Vivian Grant, who created the hatted cartoon horses to generate funding through merchandising. Hattingdon Horses™ are usually brown (there are a few grays too) with black accents including long, lovely lashes on large, wide eyes.… Continue reading Horse Charities launches Hattingdon Horses™ on Zazzle

Gallopalooza horses running around Louisville (US)

(WHAS11) - The herd of colorful and ornate Gallopalooza horses is back on the streets of Louisville! The Gallopalooza horses were on display over the weekend at Churchill Downs, but you can now see all 130 of the life size horses throughout Louisville. Area businesses sponsor the horses and the proceeds help benefit Brightside. Gallopalooza,… Continue reading Gallopalooza horses running around Louisville (US)

Artist paints ‘Horses of the Bible’ (Ky)

Equine symbolism often also indicates intelligence, courage and grace, which is perhaps the reason why horses are frequently referred to as God's favorite animal. This quote comes from an article penned by SPENCE KIMBALL for the Advocate-Messenger, Danville, Kentucky. The story tells us of artist Cynthia Webster Nave, an award-winning artist based out of Lexington,… Continue reading Artist paints ‘Horses of the Bible’ (Ky)