Litany of the dead at Churchill Downs

By Curadhan Powell | WLKY Louisville » UPDATE: Churchill Downs moves Spring meet, cancels races in wake of horse deaths. • View / Read Report at WLKY » As of Sunday, May 28, 12 horses have either died from injuries or euthanasia at Churchill Downs or suffered injuries that required euthanasia in Lexington. April 27,… Continue reading Litany of the dead at Churchill Downs

Emergency horse racing summit called after 12 horses dead at Churchill Downs

Eight Belles is euthanized on the track after crashing down on her chest when both of her front legs shattered following the finish of the 2008 Kentucky Derby.

By Erick Richter | NY Post | Link to source | Or jump to We Say section UPDATE: Churchill Downs moves spring meet, cancels races in wake of horse deaths.Churchill Downs said that the track will go dark after Sunday racing. • View / Read Report at WLKY » Mass changes could finally be coming… Continue reading Emergency horse racing summit called after 12 horses dead at Churchill Downs

Another dead racehorse. Baffert “devastated.”

“Devastated? You can't make this stuff up. Why is this man still being allowed to train and kill racehorses?” — Tuesday's Horse By Ben Church and Homero De la Fuente (CNN, May 20, 2023) — One of the horses in an undercard race before today’s Preakness Stakes, the Bob Baffert-trained Havnameltdown, has been euthanized, after… Continue reading Another dead racehorse. Baffert “devastated.”

What do horses think of us?

• From "Ask the Ethologist" via Horse Network, 30 April 2023. An ethologist is a zoologist who studies the behavior of animals in their natural habitats. Question: What areas of horse behavior would you personally like to see studied to a greater extent and why? » Begin Quote « Renate Larssen: I am personally very excited about the… Continue reading What do horses think of us?

Philly woman hopes to unveil the city’s first electric horseless carriage on July 4th

The new electric carriage comes as other Philly efforts to ban and replace horse-drawn carriages gain steam. The Philadelphia Enquirer | by Mike Newell | 3rd April 2023 FOR years, Janet White has advocated banning horse-drawn carriages in Philadelphia and replacing them with electric horseless carriages. Recently, White, 58, director of Carriage Horse Freedom in… Continue reading Philly woman hopes to unveil the city’s first electric horseless carriage on July 4th

Custom made horses

Argentine scientists have edited the genes in an equine embryo, which may allow them to create horses with customized DNA. Dr. Natalia Lucia led the team that used the clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR) technique to genetically alter the cells that then were used to create edited cloned embryos, reports EQUUS magazine.  CRISPR uses… Continue reading Custom made horses

New DNA analysis reveals untold story of horses in America

Horses first evolved in the Americas around 4 million years ago. • Via Inverse via The Conversation » FEW places in the world are more closely linked with horses in the popular imagination than the Great Plains of North America. Romanticized stories of cowboys and the Wild West figure prominently in popular culture, and domestic… Continue reading New DNA analysis reveals untold story of horses in America

On pause

Tuesday's Horse is taking a short break. But before we go, a poem. 'At Grass' by Philip Larkin is a poem about fame and happiness. It focuses on racehorses and how they found new homes away from their previous lives. Wish people would give all of their horses a happy ending. At Grass by Philip… Continue reading On pause

Roundup, disease outbreak punctuate year of headlines for wild horses

by DENNIS WEBB, Grand Junction Colorado Sentinel » THE deaths of scores of rounded-up wild horses in a holding facility in Cañon City and the removal of hundreds more from public rangelands in Rio Blanco County kept the controversial issue of wild-horse management front and center in media headlines this year. More than 140 horses… Continue reading Roundup, disease outbreak punctuate year of headlines for wild horses

Your giving means a lot

Horse Fund signature horse. Used with permission. ©Bob Langrish.

Tuesday's Horse is the official blog of the Fund for Horses. We only occasionally request donor support here on our blog for our horse protection work. This is one of those occasions. We need some extra help this year. To make an online donation, please go here. Click the word 'send' (in blue) on the… Continue reading Your giving means a lot