8 clear signs a horse likes and trusts you

by HORSEY HOOVES 1. They come up to greet you If a horse likes you, they will often come up to greet you when they hear you coming. They may run up to the pasture fence or be eagerly waiting for you at their stall door. If a horse is eager to greet you, that… Continue reading 8 clear signs a horse likes and trusts you

Caring for horses in hot weather

THEHORSE.COM With a well-thought-out management plan, horses can stay cool and comfy in the midst of summer. To help get you started on the right track, TheHorse.com caught up with Nancy Loving, DVM, an equine practitioner in Boulder, Colorado, to find out what the most important things to consider are when caring for horses in… Continue reading Caring for horses in hot weather

The Horse’s new “Equine Innovators” podcast

Horse looking out from Barn Door from blog.posterjack.ca.

Starting Monday, Feb. 24, 2019 VIA THEHORSE.COM Each day researchers at universities and other institutions around the world are investigating new ways to care for and understand our horses. Whether you realize it or not, the work they do influences your daily interactions with your horses. That formulation you scoop into feed buckets each morning?… Continue reading The Horse’s new “Equine Innovators” podcast

We have lift off

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We have been working since last October moving the Fund for Horses website to WordPress. Please check it out when you have a few minutes, and make sure to mark it so you can visit us there whenever you like. Being hosted by WordPress it is more than just a static site. You can like… Continue reading We have lift off

Horse care in Canada

Horses Canada Artwork by VGFarrell

(HORSES CANADA) — There is a thought-provoking article at The Conversation on horses and the people who care for them. The author deals with horses in Canada but many of the points made in the article go across borders. Here's an extract: Horses have long held an important place in our cultures and on the… Continue reading Horse care in Canada

Be a responsible owner and protect your horse from the meat man

Horse looking out from Barn Door from blog.posterjack.ca.

MARCH AGAINST HORSE SLAUGHTER — Since horses have been domesticated, they have been subjected to breeding and ownership, shut up in stalls and barns or corralled and fenced in, dependent on humans for food and water, exercise, medical care, dental care and hoof care — and to keep them from harm and provide for a humane end… Continue reading Be a responsible owner and protect your horse from the meat man

Top 5 Horse Health Hacks for Winter

By JAMES HARRIS Unless you’re a hardcore rider that saddles up even it’s raining sideways, you will take a look out of the window at the torrents of wind, rain, and snow and think about giving your horse a brush rather than a hack out into the unknown – it’s nothing to be ashamed about;… Continue reading Top 5 Horse Health Hacks for Winter

Boarding Barn Confidential: Biggest Pet Peeves

Horse looking out from Barn Door from blog.posterjack.ca.

When the link to this post, I was thrilled to see the subject line and more so when I read the article. This is really good information especially for a horse owner even if you board your horses yourself. Because guess what? You will still have people wanting to do things that sound good but… Continue reading Boarding Barn Confidential: Biggest Pet Peeves

Horse Trailer Loading Positions: Which is Right for You and Your Horse?

GUEST POST BY KRISTI WATERWORTH for DOUBLE D TRAILERS There are a lot of decisions to make when choosing a new horse trailer, from the type of hitch to the amount of storage inside. Another huge decision you’ve got to make when looking at horse trailers for sale is the position in which your horse… Continue reading Horse Trailer Loading Positions: Which is Right for You and Your Horse?

Treating Your Horse’s Summertime Allergies

by AMELLIA HOPE It is believed that over 50,000 horses in the UK suffer from summertime skin conditions. These have a number of causes, from feed hypersensitivity to nettle stings to allergies to the saliva in insect bites (sweet itch). An allergy is a condition which causes the body to negatively react, either locally or… Continue reading Treating Your Horse’s Summertime Allergies