Federal horse-doping trial begins

"The Jan. 19 selection of jurors for the federal horse-doping trial of Dr. Seth Fishman and Lisa Giannelli was extended into at least a second day when only 37 of 75 potential jurors were questioned inside a lower Manhattan courthouse," writes BloodHorse magazine. "Fishman and Giannelli are facing federal charges for allegedly working through a… Continue reading Federal horse-doping trial begins

Impact of Covid-19 on stability of US horse industry

Horse looking out from Barn Door from blog.posterjack.ca.

In an article posted by HorseTalk.co.nz entitled, "US horse industry shows stability in face of Covid-19 pandemic," the following data caught our attention: The most frequently selected issue facing the equine industry was land use issues (43.5%), followed closely by horses in transition or at risk (43.1%), and the cost of horsekeeping (42.8%). Frequently mentioned… Continue reading Impact of Covid-19 on stability of US horse industry