Equestrians race to save horses abandoned in Ukraine warzones

YAHOO! NEWS via REUTERS, Joseph Campbell reporting, 1st Apr. 2022: When bombs began to fall as Russian forces poured into Ukraine in late February, thousands of people fled for safety, leaving their homes and property behind. Those who could often took beloved pets with them. It wasn't so easy for horse owners, though, who faced… Continue reading Equestrians race to save horses abandoned in Ukraine warzones

Fly the friendly skies with equines

This is a tongue-in-cheek article, but heartwarming that people are evacuating their horses along with themselves, and the reason we post it here. Cross-posted from New York magazine entitled "Horses can fly!" Written by JESSICA PRESSLER and JILLIAN GOODMAN ------------------------------ No, no, not on their own. They fly in planes. Maybe we're just naïve city… Continue reading Fly the friendly skies with equines