Tesla shareholders seek a Vegan car

No horse hide or animal products wanted by Tesla motors in at least one of their cars. The luxury car firm are seeking a Vegan car. Time magazine reports: Tesla Motors have already ditched gasoline, but now some shareholders want the electric-car maker to stop using animal products, too. At the company’s annual shareholder meeting… Continue reading Tesla shareholders seek a Vegan car

Horse Hides: The Myth of Pony Skins

By JENNY SHARP Many fashionistas will tell you that the whole ponyskin thing is just a myth. "It’s cowhide, dyed to look like a pony. It’s just cow. . . " In fact, they are usually right. Most cheap pony skin fashion items are indeed cowhide, dyed to make the product look more like it’s… Continue reading Horse Hides: The Myth of Pony Skins