Secret Santa time Christmas match

Greetings horse lovers! Secret Santa Time Our Secret Santa for 2018 has been awesome and helping horses and us in all sorts of wonderful, magical ways. He is now offering a matching gift opportunity to all of you! Double up on yuletide love for horses with us. • Make a Matching Gift Donation » •… Continue reading Secret Santa time Christmas match

Summer vacation

The Horse Fund's staff and volunteers work year round on behalf of horses, donating their many talents and putting in impressive hours despite having the pressures and responsibilities that go with daily life. Twice a year we give them much deserved time off — during the summer and at Christmas time. Everyone will be back… Continue reading Summer vacation

State politicians savor the delights of returning horse slaughter to Texas

Horse in line on his way to slaughter in Texas.

It has been a long time coming, with one US State after another vying to win the title of Horse Slaughter Capital of America, but Texas is now talking about returning it to their State. The slaughter of horses for human consumption overseas ended on US soil in 2007 when the remaining three plants closed,… Continue reading State politicians savor the delights of returning horse slaughter to Texas

Horse industry ponies up for political campaigns

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY). (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Written by JAMES R. CARROLL Louisville Courier-Journal WASHINGTON (May 13, 2012) — America’s horse industry has contributed more than $8.7 million to state and federal campaigns and political parties since 1989, according to an analysis by the nonpartisan Sunlight Foundation. Equine-related interests also have spent $2.2 million lobbying in Washington, the foundation said. Political action… Continue reading Horse industry ponies up for political campaigns

American (Quarter) Horse Council? (US)

Written by JADED MARE Umm, Tuesday's Horse gets emails from time to time complaining about me, saying I am a "mare" and a very "jaded" one at that. Heck yeah! Seems people think I see a pro-horse slaughter whore behind every bush, and am linking all kinds of innocent people together with the bad ones,… Continue reading American (Quarter) Horse Council? (US)

Kentucky horses have STDs (US)

By VIVIAN GRANT Oh, look. Horses pimped in Kentucky are not made to practice safe sex, and now the feds are being called in because no one else knows what to do. Not that I would count on the USDA much because they can't find out where sick tomatoes come from. Anyway, the horses refuse… Continue reading Kentucky horses have STDs (US)

Study measures impact of horses on our economy

American Horse Council Study Finds Equestrian Recreation Industry Has Significant Economic Impact WASHINGTON, DC –The term “backyard horse” does not necessarily spark images of high spending and thousands of jobs. But a closer look reveals that the recreational segment of the horse industry, including the average pleasure rider on their “backyard horse,” generates quite a… Continue reading Study measures impact of horses on our economy