Stampede chuckwagons return with new safety measures

Chuckwagon Race at the Calgary Stampede - deadly to horses. Photo: Metro News Canada.

So the headline states, hoping to woo people who care about horses into thinking that the Stampede chuckwagon event can be turned into something more agreeable and acceptable. Chuckwagon racing is brutal and dangerous to horses and should be banned — whether horses are killed or not. Is that what it takes — dead horses… Continue reading Stampede chuckwagons return with new safety measures

Chuckwagon Race Report

Image from chuckwagon racing in Clinton, Arkansas, 2019.

The Calgary Stampede is not the only venue conducting chuckwagon races but it is the one that garners the most attention and publicity because of the number of horses it kills and has killed over the years. Chuckwagon races are also run south of the Canadian border in the USA such as in Clinton, Arkansas… Continue reading Chuckwagon Race Report

No Stampede this year could force some cowboys to leave rodeo sports

Calgary Stampede Chuckwagon Races consistently result in injury and death of the horses used for this barbaric and archaic event.

Retired chuckwagon driver concerned sport won't survive if rodeos cancelled Natalie Valleau, reporting for CBC News, writes on Mar 25, 2020: The rodeo world is worried about the future of the Calgary Stampede this summer and many are wondering how the pandemic will impact their sport. Last week, the Calgary Stampede temporarily laid off 80 per… Continue reading No Stampede this year could force some cowboys to leave rodeo sports

Chuckwagon horse deaths at Stampede spur protests from some but not all

Calgary Stampede Crash (Photo by Christina Ryan, Calgary Herald)

This story is weeks old we know. However, we do not want the death of these horses to be just a blip on everyone's radar. This event needs to be eliminated, as all rodeo events involving horses should be. But let's stick to this awful one for right now. Cross-posted report from CBC News,… Continue reading Chuckwagon horse deaths at Stampede spur protests from some but not all

USU research common injuries to horsee

LOGAN - Utah State University Extension Equine Specialist Pat Evans is conducting a study to learn more about the most common injuries caused by horses. She's conducting an online survey to learn about the most common injuries, the activities that cause them and medical costs they generate. Questions include riding style, age of the horse… Continue reading USU research common injuries to horsee