Gift ideas for horse lovers

Click image to visit The Horse Fund Gift Shop.
Click image to visit The Horse Fund Gift Shop.

SHOP WITH US — We have some great ideas for horse lovers. And isn’t that pretty much everybody on your shopping list?

Here are some Collections Vivian put together for you. Some Vivian created herself. Some are by Vivian’s favorite artists. Customize them to your heart’s content. That’s the Zazzle way!



Born to Love Horses

This is one of most popular designs especially for the little ones but for us big folks too.







Stunning Silhouette Collection




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Volunteer for The Horse Fund

Horse Fund signature horse. Used with permission. ©Bob Langrish.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The Horse Fund is the single most influential all volunteer advocacy group dedicated to equine protection. Based in the U.S., The Horse Fund act as lobbyists and industry watchdogs using imaginative strategies and innovative campaigns.

Get involved. Join us. Together let’s see what we can do for horses.

We are currently seeking horse lovers 18 years or older who are self-starters, capable of managing themselves responsibly, and can dedicate one to two hours per week to help out with the following:

social media campaigns (esp. Twitter)
online petitions
grant writing for a special project c. $35K — $50K

These are not office based and all work from home opportunities.

As The Horse Fund works internationally, we can always use foreign language skills.

• Learn more about volunteering with the Horse Fund here »  • Contact the Horse Fund here »

Christmas shop with us for beautiful, one of a kind gifts

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We love the design Collections we have put together at So many pretty and fun gift ideas for horse lovers and advocates and much, much more.

One of our most popular designs is our Born to Love Horses. Available a wide range of apparel for a wide variety of styles, not just little ones.

One of my personal favorites features gorgeous images of horses in silhouette.

How about this gift idea for the equestrian in your life?

Here are two more of my favorites, the Pegasus Collection and recently added Unicorn Collection. The artwork is magical.

How about a mug?

Or a fab calendar?

Look at this Mickey and Minnie Collection I put together.

Here’s a fun Collection of Vegan gifts too.

There are always great sales at Zazzle too, especially this time of year.

Who or what is Zazzle? Zazzle is the leading online made to order retailer. Disney and other leading brands sell their products there. Most fun of all, is you can customize virtually everything to your taste.


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Five horsey things you didn’t know about Jennifer Lawrence

Oscar-winning actress has a passion for horses. Image from Horse Nation.
Oscar-winning actress has a passion for horses. Image from Horse Nation.
Oscar-winning actress has a passion for horses. Image from Horse Nation.

Horse Nation have a fun piece on their site about 22 year-old Oscar winning actress Jennifer Lawrence who hails from Louisville, Kentucky (yea!) and grew up on a horse farm.

Well, I have given away the first one.

Here’s another. Jennifer grew up riding horses — bareback on untrained horses — and has the scars to prove it.

Find out why when she visits David Letterman which you can view below. Or jump here to learn and view more.