Horse owners struggling during pandemic

Black horse peers out from his stall window. Free Image.

As we watch the news for issues that impact the well-being of horses during the pandemic, there is some that looks like good news, such as the cancellation of events where horses are abused, injured and even killed. And then there is the news that looks not so good. One in particular that has been… Continue reading Horse owners struggling during pandemic

Horse Cents: Cost effective horse care

Stephanie L. Church, Editor-in-Chief of The Horse writes this about the August issue: "This month’s cover story breaks down the copious financial aspects of horse ownership. In any area of life—and especially with horses—being deliberate in planning for a variety of expenses typically can save you money and offer some peace of mind. And in… Continue reading Horse Cents: Cost effective horse care

Be Alert: NAIS vs the Equine Owner (US)

by R. M. Thornsberry, D.V.M., M.B.A. It is important for horse owners to know why NAIS is being forced on the equine industry within the United States. The United States and many other countries signed a World Trade Organization (WTO) treaty in the 1990’s which obligated the first world countries, which had spent literally millions… Continue reading Be Alert: NAIS vs the Equine Owner (US)

Families forced to put down their horses as recession takes hold (UK)

Cross-posted from The Telegraph Middle-class families are resorting to having their horses put down as the recession means they can no longer afford the expense of keeping them. By SARAH WHITEBLOOM and LUCY COCKCROFT As many as one in 10 horses in Britain faces an uncertain future of suffering, neglect and even death because owners… Continue reading Families forced to put down their horses as recession takes hold (UK)