The old horse in the city (poem)

by Nicholas Vachel Lindsay, 1879-1931 The moon’s a peck of corn.  It liesHeaped up for me to eat.I wish that I might climb the pathAnd taste that supper sweet. Men feed me straw and scanty grainAnd beat me till I’m sore.Some day I’ll break the halter-ropeAnd smash the stable-door, Run down the street and mount… Continue reading The old horse in the city (poem)

The horses of meaning (poem)

Let their hooves print the next bit of the story:release them, roughmanedfrom the dark stable wherethey rolled their dark eyes, shifted and stamped— Let them out, and follow the sound, a regular clatteringon the cobbles of the yard, a pouring round the cornerinto the big field, a booming canter. Now see where they rampage,and whether… Continue reading The horses of meaning (poem)

White horses

A poem by Eleanor Farjeon Count the white horses you meet on the way,Count the white horses, child day after day,Keep a wish ready for wishing - if youWish on the ninth horse, your wish will come true. I saw a white horse at the end of the lane,I saw a white horse canter down… Continue reading White horses

Born Free (poetry)

Born free to run, free to roam Happiness and glee all in one Playful prances almost a dance Proud spirits and beautiful souls Run across the prairie, across the plateau Until they are taken down too soon, too cold. Helicopters on high, men without heart Equipped with long-range rifles to do their part Instructed by… Continue reading Born Free (poetry)

Alone (Poem)

By DEBRA STUART Alone in a field, a paddock, stall or lot From where does thy nurturing come A kind touch, a gentle thought, Cool water, warm straw, oats and grain Or left alone, bound by the human handlers How does that fragile heart keep hope alive Relying on the kindness of those in control… Continue reading Alone (Poem)

We are the Horses Voice (Poetry)

By LAURIE HAMMER WE ARE THE HORSES VOICE Across America a spirit sings, For all the horses in this land, For them we fight and not give up, We are their voice the spirit sings. Our love of horses is so strong, We'll save them all from certain death, No more to slaughter will they… Continue reading We are the Horses Voice (Poetry)

Cinquains for Wild Horses by Craig Downer

Wild Horses: Five Cinquains for Them Wild Horse! Come now to play! Freedom’s Living Symbol! Grace ye once again this rough land with me! How could the narrowed minds, infatuated hearts, so revile you, your freedom deny? Run free! Escape treacherous clutch of monstrous minds and hearts grown dark with worldly idols, egos. Possessed seek… Continue reading Cinquains for Wild Horses by Craig Downer

For those who have lost a horse

Don't cry for the horses that life has set free. A million white horses forever to be. Don't cry for the horses now in God's hand. As they dance and they prance in a heavenly band. They were ours as a gift, but never to keep. As they close their eyes forever to sleep. Their… Continue reading For those who have lost a horse