Cloned horses could offer insight into DNA possibilities (US)

Cross-posted from the Philadelphia Enquirer Before the show-jumping champion Gem Twist died in 2006, his New Jersey owners paid to have a flap of his skin frozen - hoping to carry something of his prodigious talent into the future. Veterinary scientists later pulled those skin cells from the freezer and used them to clone a… Continue reading Cloned horses could offer insight into DNA possibilities (US)

Genetics Of White Horses Unraveled

Genetics Of White Horses Unraveled: One Mutation Makes Ordinary Horses Turn Grey, Then White, Very Young Posted by ScienceDaily online ----------------------------- ScienceDaily (July 23, 2008) — The white horse is an icon for dignity which has had a huge impact on human culture across the world. An international team led by researchers at Uppsala University… Continue reading Genetics Of White Horses Unraveled