Jann Arden among those protesting live export of horses from Canada to Japan for slaughter

Blobal News Image. Horses await live ship to Japan to be slaughtered for gourmet meals.

Juno award-winning singer-songwriter Jann Arden brought star power to a protest at the Calgary International Airport on Tuesday, drawing attention to the export of draft horses to Asia for slaughter as a shipment prepared to depart.

Arden called the practice heartbreaking and gut-wrenching, saying the export of live animals has to stop across the board.

“We can hear some very beautiful horses… kicking in crates already,” she said.

“They haven’t even left the Calgary airport yet. They’ve got two days in turbulence on an aircraft. No food. No water. Not knowing what the hell is happening and a very unhappy ending.”

According to Statistics Canada, 2,720 live Albertan horses were exported in 2019, at a value of $19,674,481.

Of that, 1,449 live Albertan horses were shipped to Japan in 2019, totalling $13,166,132​.

Samson-French said Alberta has two internationally certified slaughterhouses, so if people want to eat horse meat, the animals should be slaughtered close to home. “This is not to feed the poor in another country; this is to feed the very wealthy,” she said.

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Leading Wagga trainer Trevor Sutherland banned for three years over retired racehorses being destroyed

Leading Wagga Wagga Trainer Trevor Sutherland banned for three years for the deaths of two retired racehorses.

NEW SOUTH WALES (Australia) — A NSW racehorse trainer has been banned for three years after two retired thoroughbreds, he says he thought he was re-homing for equine purposes, were slaughtered, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Leading Wagga trainer Trevor Sutherland was handed the penalty at a stewards inquiry on Tuesday. He has already lodged an appeal against the decision.

Racehorse trainers are required to provide notification of where retired thoroughbreds are sent after their racetrack days are finished.

Former gallopers Rozzi and Redfu were sent to the property of registered owner Donnchadh Brown.

Sutherland said he had no idea of Brown’s plans to slaughter the horses and lodged a not guilty plea.

He did, however, plead guilty to a further charge of having failed to report the death of racehorse Bless You Toby to Racing Australia by lodging the relevant notification. The horse was found dead on July 7.

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Updated: 10:00 am EST USA

Slaughterbound horse dies on Korean Air flight from Winnipeg to Japan

An example of raw, sliced horse meat, served in Japan called Basashi.


On May 10, 2020 another 114 horses were shipped by air from Canada to Japan for slaughter for human consumption.

Through Access to Information (ATI), the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition (CHDC) has recently received Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) reports as well as correspondence regarding this flight and the condition of the horses. These documents reveal one horse died.

Upon their arrival in Japan, five horses were not standing in crates and one was dead. Four others “did not show physical strength although they stood up for unloading”.

Back in April 2020 blood samples were collected from 141 horses of which these 114 horses were a part. The blood was taken to determine eligibility for export to Japan in order to meet the Veterinary Health Certificate for Export of Horses to Japan (VHC) requirements. The blood draw was accomplished by restraining the horses in a tilting hydraulic chute system. One gelding went down in the chute post testing. Read more of this report »

Featured image: An example of raw, sliced horse meat, served in Japan called Basashi.

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New York lawmakers move bills forward to protect off the track Thoroughbreds

Closeup of Thoroughbred racehorse's hooves galloping on a direct track. Photographer unknown.


State lawmakers in the two legislative houses in New York State have passed dueling bills pertaining to how retired racehorses are treated when they are done racing.

In the Democratic-controlled state Senate, a bill was approved July 21 banning the slaughter of retired racehorses.

In the Democratic-controlled Assembly a day earlier, lawmakers OK’d a measure to create a mechanism to track the whereabouts of New York-bred racehorses after they have stopped racing.

Which bill, if either, gets final approval will be made clear sometime later this week when the New York State Senate and Assembly wrap up another phase of its 2020 session in Albany.

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