19 dead horses found in Cork (IRE)

Cross-posted from the Irish Examiner Written by Conall Ó Fátharta Animal welfare officers all across the country have been struggling to cope with what the ISPCA are calling an equine welfare crisis. Some 30 horses left to die have been rescued in the past two weeks, with 22 animals taken in over a 48-hour period… Continue reading 19 dead horses found in Cork (IRE)

No justice for starved horses at WV equine rescue

Cross-posted from Equine Advocacy Examiner Written by MAUREEN HARMONAY The report starts with: Mary O'Brien had portrayed herself as a friend to horses in need. Raising considerable sums of money through online forums such as Alex Brown Racing, she brought retired thoroughbreds and horses bound for the slaughter pipeline to her Hidden Meadows Equine Rescue… Continue reading No justice for starved horses at WV equine rescue

Justice for Julupae: Update

Sarah West, a founding member of Canadians for Animal Welfare Reform, reports there was another record turnout at a Hearing Monday, January 4, 2010, in the Jalupae animal cruelty case. David Whiffin and Clayton Cunningham are charged with animal cruelty after they allegedly starved 27-year-old Appaloosa gelding Julupae to the point of emaciation, then hung… Continue reading Justice for Julupae: Update

Horse starved and strangled (CAN)

The two Canadian men accused of starving a horse and hanging it by an excavator bucket have been named by the British Columbia SPCA. They are Brentwood Bay residents David Whiffin and Clayton Cunningham. Crown counsel has charged the pair with animal cruelty after a 27-year-old Appaloosa gelding named Jalupae was allegedly starved to the… Continue reading Horse starved and strangled (CAN)