What do horses think of us?

• From "Ask the Ethologist" via Horse Network, 30 April 2023. An ethologist is a zoologist who studies the behavior of animals in their natural habitats. Question: What areas of horse behavior would you personally like to see studied to a greater extent and why? » Begin Quote « Renate Larssen: I am personally very excited about the… Continue reading What do horses think of us?

Wild horse mares stick together (Study)

Cross-posted from LiveScience Wild mares that form strong social bonds with other mares produce more foals than those that don't, researchers have found, in what may be the first documented link between "friendship" and reproductive success outside of primates. The study followed bands of feral horses in the Kaimanawa Mountains of New Zealand over the… Continue reading Wild horse mares stick together (Study)

USU research common injuries to horsee

LOGAN - Utah State University Extension Equine Specialist Pat Evans is conducting a study to learn more about the most common injuries caused by horses. She's conducting an online survey to learn about the most common injuries, the activities that cause them and medical costs they generate. Questions include riding style, age of the horse… Continue reading USU research common injuries to horsee