Charreada horse tripping ban succeeds in House (AZ)

March 31, 2008 - 9:24PM BY JEREMY THOMAS filed this report for CRONKITE NEWS SERVICE -------------------------------------- House OKs ban on horse tripping PHOENIX - A horse is brought to full gallop in a ring with several "charros," rodeo cowboys, trailing close behind. One twirls his lasso, aiming for the animal's front legs, and slings the… Continue reading Charreada horse tripping ban succeeds in House (AZ)

Charros charge discrimination

If county supervisors ban Mexican-style rodeo then they should also ban American rodeo, say Charros who claim they're being discriminated against. Martin Marquez, 10, from San Juan Bautista, rides his horse Frijolito as he practices criollo during a charreada demonstration at a private ranch in Gilroy Wednesday evening. Photo by Lora Schraft, Staff Photographer Story… Continue reading Charros charge discrimination

Slaughter of gelded America’s Wild Horses suspected

By CINDY MacDONALD, American Herds weblog. It was New Mexico law enforcement agents that began investigating the selling of wild horses to slaughter in 1992. This investigation centered around the direct participation of BLM employees and contractors selling wild horses for slaughter with both the knowledge and approval of BLM managers. Their scheme involved the… Continue reading Slaughter of gelded America’s Wild Horses suspected