World Horse Welfare launch Stamp Out Suffering campaign (UK)

World Horse Welfare has launched its Stamp Out Suffering campaign with the first-ever national SOS Survey in a bid to end horse cruelty and neglect. The charity is asking for people to get involved in identifying what they feel are the main causes of horse welfare abuse and ignorance in Britain today. With over 1.35… Continue reading World Horse Welfare launch Stamp Out Suffering campaign (UK)

Racehorse welfare spotlighted in Commons (UK)

Race horse welfare has been put under the political spotlight with a series of hard-hitting Parliamentary Questions by Lib Dem MP, Mike Hancock. Cross-posted from Horsemart, UK (19 Dec 08) The Member for Portsmouth South has this week also tabled a Commons Motion (see Notes below) demanding that the government press the racing industry to… Continue reading Racehorse welfare spotlighted in Commons (UK)