Racehorses and what they feel

Since this year's Kentucky Derby, people inside and outside of horse racing are talking more than ever about the future of this so called "sport". We have already posted some, but feel the following is another, slightly different take. —Tuesday Horse What do horses feel at the Kentucky Derby? Mostly fear and pain. US audiences… Continue reading Racehorses and what they feel

Dennis Brouse Brings New Series to Public TV in January (US)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For more information Contact: Cindy Fisher (515) 453-2108 cfisher@strategicamerica.com “Saddle Up with Dennis Brouse” Combines Training Techniques with Heartwarming Stories December 9, 2008, Des Moines, IA—Saddle Up with Dennis Brouse, an exciting new television series that celebrates the relationship between horse and human will be launched in January of 2009. Distributed by… Continue reading Dennis Brouse Brings New Series to Public TV in January (US)